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General Information:

  • Check in/out – check in from 3PM & check out by 10AM. Failure to leave your Lodge by this time may result in a late check out charge of £50.00/Hr.
  • Check out Procedure:
  1. Please bag up all rubbish and place it in the outside bin next to the front door. 
  2. Please leave towels and robes in the shower area. 
  3. Please leave the lodge in the same tidy condition as you found it. 
  4. Please place the key back in the key safe outside the main entrance. 

  • Telephone numbers – Katie 07538 456999. Katie will be available between the hours of 9-5PM. 
  • For Wi-Fi, use ‘Newlands Lodges’ Please note that you will need to ‘sign in’ and agree to terms and conditions. (There is no password)
  • Fire assembly point – At the ‘Cedar Lodge’ boulder.
  • Emergency Contact – Ben: 07850461594, James: 07912790752, Katie: 07538 456999
  • Lost keys – In the event of being locked out or losing a key please contact Katie on 07538 456999
  • CCTV is in operation on the exterior areas.
  • Rubbish – Place all waste into the bags provided on the patio next to the parking area. If you would like to recycle anything please put this in a separate bin bag. We will recycle it at the farm.

General Lodge Rules:

  • No Smoking.
  • The hot tub is closed between the hours of 11PM and 6AM
  • No Events/parties held without consent.
  • Please read the guidelines before using the hot tub.
  • Please respect any other guest’s privacy and tranquillity. No music to be played outside between 9PM-830AM.
  • No BBQ’s on the grass or in the woods. 
  • No confetti to be used anywhere inside or outside the lodge.
  • No decorations to be stuck or pinned to the walls of the lodge.
  • All doors to be locked when away from the lodge.
  • No motorbikes, ATVs or electric vehicles are allowed anywhere on site or in the woodland tracks.

How to work:

  • Hob – Press the bottom left button to turn on then select the desired heat ring shown on the button pad. To adjust the heat, use the +/- buttons to increase or decrease. If the hob is locked, hold the +/- button simultaneously until it turns off. An induction hob will not heat up unless there is a pan placed on to the surface.

  • Oven (Hazel, Blackthorn, Olive & Willow) - Turn the left dial to the desired mode then use the right dial to set the desired temperature setting. Press the 'play' (triangle symbol) to start the oven and 'pause' (II symbol) to stop the oven. Please note that opening the door will stop the oven and you will need to press 'play' to resume cooking.

  • TV – Make sure the TV is switched on at the socket and the TV is on standby (shown by a constant red light on the bottom left corner). Press the top left button on the remote to turn the TV on. BBC 1 should start playing. To access the channel list press the ‘GUIDE’ button. If the TV won’t connect to the Internet, please contact Katie.

  • Heating – The heating is controlled via the control pad in the hallway to the right of the main door. The displayed temperature will be the lodge temperature. If you would like to raise or lower this simply rotate the dial until the desired temperature is shown at the bottom right corner of the display. After a few seconds the display will show a flame symbol to indicate the heating has been activated. If you have lowered the temperature the heating will turn off (you may need to open some windows as the lodges are very well insulated). If you have raised the temperature the heating will come on until the lodge temperature reaches the temperature you set. Please be mindful of your energy usage.

  • Hot Water – The hot water is on constantly. If you do run out of water (If you have consecutive showers/baths) then the tank will reheat in around an hour. 

  • Electric Fire – The controls for the fire are on the fire itself. Under the top right corner there is a switch and 2 buttons. To turn on make sure the switch is set to the on position and then press the flame button to activate the fire. The other button will cycle through the different flame colours.

  • Dishwasher – Open from the top being careful to not let the door fall to the ground. Press the furthest right button to turn on, press the ‘P’ button to select ‘ECO’ (a light will appear above it). Load a tablet into the compartment and slide shut then close the door. The dishwasher should start after a few seconds.

  • Hot Tub – The Hot tub will be pre set at 40 degrees Celsius. JET 1 has a high and low setting which is cycled by pressing the button in sequence (OFF/LOW/HIGH/OFF). The lights can be turned on and changed to different colours by pressing the button labelled ‘lights’. The large dial to the left of the lounge headrest adjusts which side of the hot tub the jets are active, adjust accordingly. The small button next to this turns the air bubble on or off. Please note the air cools down the hot tub more quickly.

  • Blinds - The blinds are remote controlled and the controller is next to the light switch in the bedroom. To select the different blinds individually use the < & > buttons on the bottom to cycle from ‘0’ to ‘3’.

  • Sauna  -  There is a safety switch inside the lodge for the sauna. This is the switch in the lobby area next to the front door that is lit with a blue light. Press this once and the light will go off. This means the sauna is on and you can use the controls within the sauna itself. There are two control dials on the sauna heating unit. To set the required time you wish to use please use the dial on the left. The right hand dial is to set the desired temperature. When the timer is up, the sauna will automatically switch off. When leaving please make sure the door is closed properly. DO NOT FILL THE WATER BUCKET WITH WATER FROM THE HOT TUB. THE CHLORINE AND CHEMICALS MAY CAUSE SERIOUS HARM IF THEY’RE POURED OVER THE HOT ROCKS. 

Hot Tub Guidelines:

  • Remove ALL 4 CLIPS before opening the cover. Do not remove the cover and place on the floor. This damages the cover and a charge may apply.
  • Shower before entering to remove all make-up and fake tan. Failure to do so may result in the water becoming cloudy/dirty in which case we will need to empty and refill the hot tub. Unfortunately it may take some time to reach operating temperature.
  • Do not bring glass in or near the hot tub. Please use the provided plastic cups. 
  • Do not use soaps or oils in the hot tub.
  • No jumping or diving into the hot tub.
  • An adult must supervise children at all times.
  • If the water level drops below the filter, please refill the water so that it is above the filter using the provided hose. (Located next to the oil tank)
  • Please replace the cover after use.
  • Pregnant women and anyone with heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure or any other serious illness should consult a doctor before use.


  • Sale Pepe (Italian) – 01207 509969
  • The Valley (Indian) – 01434 633434 
  • The Manor House (pub/restaurant) – 01207 255268
  • The Angel Corbridge (Pub/restaurant) – 01434 632119


  • Atlas Taxis – 01207 509770
  • A1 Cabs – 01207 501088
  • Neashams Taxis – 01207 504425

Things to do:

  • Walking in the woods – There are beautiful tracks in our private woods for you to explore. To start your walk simply head down the main track between the lodges and from there you can choose where you would like to walk. Please don’t jump any fences or walls as this would mean you are no longer on our property. Please see the map for the other boundaries.
  • Outdoor activities at Derwent reservoir and Slaley including sailing, quad biking, Paintball, Clay pigeon and rifle shooting, Segway adventures and Off road driving.
  • Visiting places of interest such as Corbridge, High Force waterfall and Sycamore Gap.
  • Play golf at Close house, Hexham Golf Course and others.
  • Walk along Hadrian’s Wall and many public footpaths around Northumberland.
  • Go fishing on the River Tyne, Derwent reservoir and others
  • Mountain biking in Kielder Forest, Hamsterley Forest and Chopwell woods.
  • Eating out – local pubs and restaurants


Please note that the following will be deducted from the valid card details held on account if deemed necessary by Newlands Lodges due to the items being damaged, missing or if extra cleaning is required.

Towels (Large) - £20

Towels (Small) - £10

Robes - £20

Linen (sheets/duvet covers/pillowcases) - £15

Duvet/pillow - £25

Dog mess on the lawn - £20

BBQ clean - £20

Paint damage - £20

Unauthorised guests - £200/per person per night

Sofa steam clean - £120

Glasses and kitchenware - £10 (No charge for the odd broken item but damage in excess will be charged)

Hot Tub clean/filter replacement - £80 

Additional cleaning time - £50/hr (This is only charged if the lodge is excessively dirty and requires more than the allocated cleaning time.) 

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